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ETF Masters Forum - September 17, 2013
Toronto Stock Exchange hosted, along with CFA Society Toronto and Bloomberg, an ETF conference targeted toward high net worth and institutional investors. 25:26
Best Practices in Trading ETFs
From the ETF Thought Leadership Video Series this discussion explores what the experts think are best practices in trading ETFs and more. 8:24
Peter Haynes
Managing Director, Index Products at TD Newcrest
From the Ask the Experts Video Series this discussion focusses on different types of benchmarks and the evolution of indexing. 6:24
Michael Cooke
Invesco PowerShares
Fixed Income Strategies for Post QE World
Date: February 20
Topic: Learn about innovative fixed income strategies for a post-taper world
Understanding Factor Indexing: Managing Risk, Maximizing Returns
Date: January 21
Topic: Learn about factor indexing, the valuable ground between market capitalization indexing and pure active management.
Innovative Portfolio Strategies for the "New Normal" Economic Environment
Date: November 28
Topic: Learn about portfolio strategies designed to help investment professionals.
TSX: Home to Canada's Exchange Traded Notes
ETNs provide a host of benefits. However, ETNs and ETFs should not be used interchangeably, as key differences set them apart.
Gary Knight, Vice President Trading, CEO TMX Select
Made in Canada: TSX's Long-Term Relationship with ETFs
A look at a variety of ETF products listed on TSX and grouped by investment objectives; from Passive Broad Equity to Actively Managed.
Gary Knight, Vice President Trading, CEO TMX Select
Demystifying Liquidity and Valuation of ETFs
Basic concepts for investing in traditional stocks — liquidity and intraday trends — are not wholly applicable to ETFs.
Gary Knight, Vice President Trading, CEO TMX Select

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